Gina White is more than just a curated jewellery brand; its an expression of the founder’s vibrant travel encounters and a reflection of her philosophical personal journey.

In Africa, Gina found her inspiration. It was beyond creativity; it had deeper cultural and spiritual meaning. The people she encountered reminded her of herself; it suprisingly had nothing to do with the color of their skin but of their history, their struggles, and their triumphs. Through a series of uniquely fated interactions she felt a calling to create her own luxury jewellery brand - and share this beauty with the world.

In Johannesburg, she found a city that resonated with her - a complex city that mirrored the intricate layers of her own being. Filled with contradictions and complexities, yet teeming with promise and opportunity; a place where she would invest and establish one of the best jewellery making workshops in the country. The aim being to empower the next generation, create objects of lasting value, and to redis-cover the ability of human hands to create and heal.

Using a vast array of precious metals and gemstones found throughout Africa, the jewellery maker creates ornate, wearable works of art. Just as metals and gemstones are forged under intense heat and pressure, cultural heritage and connections are moulded and solidified over the course of time. Gina White's jewellery honours these connections by interweaving the threads of the past and present to create some- thing truly sought-after.

Each piece of jewellery is a container of culture that fosters deeper human connections between the giver, the receiver, and the creator, encapsulating the spirit and the tales of those who came before, her ances- tors. Whether moving as commodities or gifts, or adorning the bodies of travellers, these creations effort- lessly pass through diverse communities and cultures. Through her designs, Gina urges the wearer to connect with the spirit of the piece, as well as the people and places it has encountered along its journey.

Maintaining the connection of her original upbringing in the United States and her new home in South Africa is a pillar of her brand’s ethos. For members of the diaspora, Gina’s jewellery provides a direct connection to their ancestral continent. A reminder that, no matter where we come from, we all share a common desire to express ourselves, to create beauty, and to find meaning and purpose in our lives.